Announcing the results of the small grant” Water Security and Sustainable Energy Development in Vietnam “

Vietnam Rivers Network (VRN) always pays attention to environmental pollution issues, especially water pollution, biodiversity loss due to the construction of industrial areas and factories such as hydroelectricity and thermal power plants. With the desire to contribute to promoting the development orientation “Prioritize rapid and sustainable energy development, one step ahead, associated with protecting ecological environment, ensuring national defense and security, implementing progress and social justice are specially important significance. All are  key tasks throughout the process of national industrialization and modernization ”(Resolution No. 55-NQ / TW on Vietnamese Quantitative Development Nam Orient to 2045), VRN had called for research proposals related to the above issue in order to raise people’s awareness on the current environmental situation in river basins, as a basis for promoting a sustainable energy sector in Vietnam.

After one month, VRN received 17 research proposals from different backgrounds including institutes, universities and the association’s organizations. Many ideas have exploited aspects of impacts from the construction of coal-fired thermal power, or mining coal for factories, as well as solutions to minimize and ensure water security. The proposals were evaluated based on 04 criteria including: Research idea; Activities and methods of implementation ; organization and cost estimates for implementation. After considering the criteria and ideas, VRN selected 03 ideas that meet the appropriate criteria and cost estimates to award funding, including:

  1. Study on water pollution by Mao Khe coal power plant and their impacts on the community in Quang Ninh province.
  2. Assessment of surface water pollution around Hoa Khanh industrial zone due to chemical emissions from coal consumption.
  3. Impacts of water security on people’s livelihoods in An Giang province .

Vietnam Rivers Network

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