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“Dialogue with Rivers” Photography Contest
To: Those who are interested in river protection.

Vietnam Rivers Network cordially invites everyone to join the photography contest “Dialogue with Rivers” with the aim of jointly raising our voice to protect rivers – blood vessels of life – in Vietnam.

1.  Purpose:

The contest is a forum with photos shared on the social network so that everyone can speak their thoughts, express their wishes, and show their awareness of river problems. Joining this contest, we are spreading a message: Protecting rivers is protecting the blood vessels of life. This contest aims at changing the awareness of the community and among people who are responsible for policy implementation. Each person will positively act to monitor and protect rivers and water resources.

2. Topic

Photos are expected to demonstrate the author’s notes, perception and opinions on environmental problems and river resource conservation in Vietnam based on both positive and negative perspectives:

·         Impacts of rivers on humans: including those affecting human life such as the economy, health, culture and society, etc.

·         Impacts of humans on rivers: including interference, direct and indirect impacts of man-made activities on the landscape, river flow, fishery, resources, pollution, etc.

·         Critical voices, positive recognition or discussions about relevant solutions to the protection and maintenance of clean water and equal benefit sharing, etc.

3. Eligibility:
·         All those who are interested. No nationality discrimination.
·         Facebook users

4. Contest regulations
·         Photo content must meet the contest’s topics
·         Photos must be taken by contestants themselves
·         Photos do not violate copyright law, and the authors must get the permission of the subjects in the photo.
·         Unlimited numbers of photos
·         The photos are not pieced together.
·         No restriction on time when photos were taken
·         Photos which won prizes in prior photo contests will not be eligible
·         VRN has the right to edit images and captions if necessary
·         Contestants’ photos will be posted on facebook of Vietnam Rivers Network with the event “Dialogue with Rivers” (Đối thoại với dòng sông). VRN encourage the author’s sharing photos on their personal facebook page and with friends’.
·         VRN will not be responsible for  photos of those who do not fully follow the contest regulations
·         VRN have the right to remove and do not accept contestants’ photos in cases of disrespecting regulations, violating ethics and against science.
·         To submit photos, contestants should send photos by email to

·         Email title: Author’s fullname.
The photographers are required to complete the Photo Information form. Submitted photos are at least 3.000 pixels on the horizontal edge with JPG format. The numbers of photos submitted are unlimited. VRN will only receive the photos by email.

5. Criteria:
Judges will follow these criteria:
·         New findings and perspectives on the environmental aspect and the influence of rivers on daily life
·         Good quality and photographic technique
·         The numbers of likes and shares on contest’s facebook
·         The number of comments (only complete sentence comments related to the photos will be accepted)

6. The usage of entries
·         VRN reserve the right to use the photos for other not for profit activities
·         Photo used for other  activities will be credited to authors
·         Photo copyright belongs to the authors. VRN take no responsibilities for any disputes of copyright and related rights
·         If the awarded photo violates author’s copyright and related rights based on legal regulations, VRN will revoke the award and certificate

7. Responsibilities of contestants
·         Conform to the contest regulations. By submitting photos, contestants confirm that they agree with contest regulations
·         Be responsible for copyright, related rights and income tax (when winning the prize) according to legal regulations

8. Implementation time
·         VRN start receiving photos from May 4th to September 30th 2015
·         Award statement:

  •           Monthly award will be announced on 15th of next month on Event “Dialogue with Rivers” of Facebook “Vietnam Rivers Network”
  •           The final award will be announced in November, 2015 on Facebook Event ‘Dialogue with Rivers” of “Vietnam Rivers Network”
  •           VRN will contact winners by email

9. Prizes
9.1 Monthly prize

Based on the number of likes, comments and shares of photos and the judges’ evaluation. Six works will be awarded per month
·         One first prize: 1.500.000 VND
·         Two second prizes: 500.000 VND
·         Three third prizes: 300.000 VND

The final prize will be based on judges’ criteria. Photos with many shares, likes and comments will have an advantage during the judging process.
·         One first prize: 10.000.000 VND
·         Two second prizes: 5.000.000 VND
·         One “River Knight” prize for contestant with most submitted photos: 3.000.000 VND
·         One “Young Generation and Rivers” prize for the youngest contestant: 1.500.000 VND
·         One “Save it for Posterity” prize for the most elderly contestant: 1.500.000 VND

Exhibition and Awards Ceremony will be held in November 2015 in Hanoi (tentatively). Awarded Photos and other 50 outstanding photos will be rewarded with certificates.

Hanoi, April 25 2015
Vietnam Rivers Network
Contact: Vietnam Rivers Network Office Facebook: “Đối thoại với dòng sông”

Photo infomation form can be downloaded here.

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