Project Evaluator

The Vietnam Rivers Network (hereafter referred to as VRN) works to protect the health of riverine communities andecosystems. Its work includes sharing information, conductingresearch on social and environmental impacts caused by hydropower projects and other water-related development projects in Vietnam,and doing advocacy on these issues. VRN is an open forum whose membership includes a broad set of actors concerned with protection of rivers and river-dependent communities and sustainable development in Vietnam. They are NGOs, researchers, academics, government officials, local communities, and individuals.
Project VRN 2014-2015:Keeping people safe from water reservoirs funded by ICCO. The project has been developed in relation to VRN’s Action Program, and the outputs and activities associated with those objectives. (1) To enhance communication and cooperation among relevant domestic and international stakeholders; (2) To improve implementation of water related policies through VRN’s evidence-based research, independent monitoring, evaluation and advocacy. The advocacy work will reach toward not just national, but also regional and international levels.
With these expectations, the evaluation starts with defining the theory of change, criteria, indicators and result levels. The evaluator selects the sites of the evaluation and carries out a desk and field study. An evaluation report will be written and submitted to the partner organization. Discussions on the report between the partner and the evaluator should mainly be on the level of correct reflection of the facts; the use of appropriate evaluation techniques and sufficient triangulation of findings.

Time and Duration:
The total duration of the evaluation will be 15 days within the period of 1 July – 15 September 2015, according to the following plan.

Required Qualification
– Profound knowledge and experienceon Evaluation Development and Management network.
– Profound knowledge and experienceon Communication and Advocacy policy
– Knowledge and experienceon Water Resources and Management River basin
– Excellent writing skills;
– Fluency in English required.

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