Our strategies

VRN’s strategy 2008-2020

Based on the network’s vision and mission, and the results of an analysis of the network’s operating context, VRN’s overall strategy for the period 2008-2020 is as follows.

VRN aims to contribute to protecting the health of river ecosystems and watersheds towards sustaining river biodiversity and the livelihoods of river-dependent communities, which supports the national objective of sustainable development

The overall strategy is concretised through four specific strategies. These strategies were developed by determining alternative strategies based on main five opportunities and challenges of the network. The best solutions were then selected as action strategies. The following strategic content was developed by comparing the strengths and weaknesses. Cross-cutting issues such as gender, climate change, social economic and culture rights will be mainstreamed in all contents of the network strategy and action programmes.

  • Strategy 1: The network acts as a multi-stakeholder forum to create opportunities for all people interested in protecting rivers and water resources to exchange information, knowledge and experiences.
  • Strategy 2: VRN enhances awareness and the capacity of its network members and communities to promote their direct participation in water resource and river system protection and management, as well as in adaptation to the risks and challenges related to water and rivers in Vietnam.
  • Strategy 3: VRN expands and intensifies its coalitions and cooperation with both relevant domestic and overseas stakeholders to protect water resources, rivers systems and the livelihoods of communities living in river basins.
  • Strategy 4: VRN undertakes the role of independently monitoring, evaluating, and advocating for policies that are related to water resources, based on the evidence.