Did you know that April 22, 1970 – the Earth Day has marked as the beginning of the environmental campaign? Thousands of universities and colleges organized protests against environmental degradation. Groups of people who resisted oil spills, polluted factories and power plants, untreated sewage, toxic chemicals, pesticides, wilderness degradation and air pollution suddenly realized they had a common  interest.

However, over the years, water resources and biodiversity – indicators of Earth’s health are still declining. Those causes still exist and are increasing, even exacerbating the impacts of climate change.  Is it the result of not seriously ensuring the environmental, social and governance factors in natural resources exploitation?

The celebration of Earth Day reminds us to be grateful and protect the earth because that is the Mother, the life of humans today and thousands of generations in the future. In response to this special Day, Vietnam Rivers Network wishes that readers continue to accompany us and participate in submitting comments, articles and pictures for the topic “Earth’s Health and Our Actions” on Talk to Rivers forum.

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